What is a Troy Ounce?
A Troy Ounce it the unit of measure that is used on the market to trade precious metals like gold silver and platinum. It is about 31 grams compared to 27 grams which is your typical ounce.

What is a Pennyweight (DWT)?
20 Pennyweights (DWT) is equal to one Troy ounce and is what we use to weigh your items.

What is Spot Price?
A spot price is the market price for immediate delivery of a commodity, such as gold silver or platinum. This is the price gold is trading at for the day. Spot prices are displayed at each store and are kept up to date.

What kind of gold and silver jewelry will you accept?
We accept ALL gold and silver items, they can even be damaged, broken, missing pieces white, yellow, or rose in color. The color of Gold whether it is yellow, white, or rose will not affect the price.  The only kind we do not accept is plated items.