Some of you may have seen on another thread that I was thinking about selling some of my jewelry which was given to me by exes that I don’t wear any more. So, very casually, I started going around to different places that buy gold “at the best price” just to feel them out. I carried around some different pieces for the past few weeks, and got estimates – even in different towns like Montclair, etc., where I just happened to be seeing friends, and had a few minutes to spare. Long story short, I found that the best place is right here in town: The Gold Mine Cash for Gold, 174 A Main Street. The owners Eric and Michael are not only very personable and made the best offer on all my pieces, they were very honest in telling me that I should definitely not be selling my pieces with diamonds to any gold outlet – but that I would get (much) more selling them on eBay. (I knew this, but other dealers were more than willing to “take them off my hands,” shall we say.) Also, they are just really nice guys, and it was the one shop that had a nice atmosphere to it, not a weird-feeling place if you know what I mean. I decided to only sell one piece; I guess I’ll just hang on to the others (because I have no idea how to sell on eBay, and I don’t have any particular need to sell either.) I sold one bangle in 22K gold. I was offered anywhere from $850-1100 at other places, and Michael and Eric gave me $1220 for it. Yes, that’s **43% more** than the lowest offer. I am very glad that I wasn’t desperate to sell anything, and that I didn’t just take whatever price someone threw out at me. I imagine there are plenty of people in that exact situation that get taken to the cleaners selling their jewelry! So, bottom line, if you have any old pieces that you don’t know what to do with, and maybe you’d like to treat yourself to a nice dinner out – I’ve saved you the homework! đŸ˜‰ You know where to go.